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Create a Backyard Retreat for All 4 Seasons

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Let’s face it: spending time outdoors year-round is nearly impossible in the Midwest, with our hot, humid summers and brutally-cold winters. However, it’s still possible to construct a backyard paradise that will endure throughout all four seasons!


Even with these tips, you’ll probably still need to bundle up a bit, but your backyard can still be your haven in the dead of winter.

  • Install a fire pit and/or restaurant-style heaters. Arrange your chairs or sofas around these heat sources so you’ll never be too far from warmth, whether you’re huddling around the heater or roasting marshmallows.
  • Winter means more dark hours than any other time of year, so include well-placed lighting throughout your backyard to help you navigate in the pitch dark.
  • The wind can be the most brutal staple of a Midwest winter, so construct a pavilion or pergola to shield you from killer breezes.
  • For protection from snow and hail, cover your grills, appliances and patio furniture, and store any fragile potted plants inside during the winter months.


Summer is the best time for your backyard, with barbecues, pool parties and cookouts galore! But summer heat can be just as taxing as winter cold.

  • The best way to cool off on a 100-degree summer day? If you have the space, beat the heat and humidity with a pool!
  • That same pavilion or pergola that protects you from winter wind will also shield you from blinding summer sun. Install a fan to keep things cool.
  • Carve out spaces for relaxation with tables, comfy chairs, lounge areas or a hammock.
  • A full outdoor kitchen helps you extend your outdoor time.
  • Don’t forget to keep sunscreen and buy spray on hand to protect against the unrelenting sun and mosquitos. You can purchase bug-repellent candles or tiki torches to keep pests even further at bay.


These transitional seasons offer beautiful and not-so-beautiful weather. Luckily, by implementing these ways to warm up during the winter and cool off during the summer, you’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of weather. Unseasonably cold spring day? Fire up the heaters and curl up around the fire pit. Unseasonably warm fall day? Turn on the fan and jump in the pool. And for those rare, perfect-weather days? Just relax outside — nothing extra required.

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