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Are You Making One of These Costly Homeowner Mistakes?

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Everyone wants to save money, especially when it comes to their home. Home repairs can seem costly, but not being proactive or DIYing could end up costing you a lot more and sometimes can put your family in harm's way. Our friends at Zaarly have three common mistakes they see homeowners making that can be easily avoided.

Electrical Problems

Often, faceplates on open junctions, switch or receptacle boxes are removed when a room is being painted or remodeled are removed. Faceplates serve as a protective measure against electric shock - having faceplates (even if they are just temporary and don’t match the decor just yet) is essential for your family's safety. Having exposed electrical outlets will also invite dirt, dust and other airborne particles which will eventually cause your electric to short.

*New Home Tip!
Be sure that you check basements and attics for any exposed electrical!

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Plumbing Disasters

Steve Snedeger, owner of Amen Plumbing on Zaarly has seen his share of plumbing disasters. “Flushable wipes are not flushable!” Steve Snedger, owner of Amen Plumbing on Zaarly says that wipes will eventually cause significant problems down the road.

Steve also warns against harsh chemicals used to clear clogs. “If your drain isn’t draining, that’s when you need to call a plumber.”

And lastly, Steve has advice to prevent roots from growing in your drains (yes, actual tree roots! “It’s a good idea to use a root killer in your drains. This is especially important during times with little to no rain. When trees and shrubs don’t have moisture, the roots can actually get in your drains and cause big problems.”

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Avoiding Foundation Problems with Downspouts and Gutters

When downspouts and gutters work, they do a great job at keeping water away from your foundation. When they don’t work the way they are supposed to, they can end up costing you a lot of money and sometimes your home. The mistake a lot of homeowners make is to think that gutters only have to be dealt with in the fall and just need leaves scooped out. Your gutters protect your home throughout the year and should be cleaned out and assessed at least 2 times per year.

Pro’s will make sure water is flowing the way it should be and check for any holes or damage. They will also be sure that your downspouts are pointed the right direction.

*New Home Tip!
It’s best to schedule your gutters to be cleaned out and assessed the first month you move-in to your new home if you are not sure when the last time a pro performed the job.

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