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The Best Ways to Get Organized for the New Year

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After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, many of us yearn for more order in our lives. Getting organized is a great way to establish that order, and it doesn’t have to be intimidating! Here’s professional organizer Eliza Cantlay’s top five recommendations for getting organized in the new year.

Discard as Much as You Can

80% of organizing should be discarding, whether it’s donating, regifting, recycling or throwing out, and 20% of your time should be spent organizing. “Sometimes merely getting rid of things can make the things you do end up keeping almost snap into place and keep themselves organized!” Cantlay said.

Go Digital

Scan as much of your papers as you can. To keep everything orderly once you scan everything, get your Cloud system on your computer organized in advance. Spend some time purging and organizing your Cloud, creating folders to group items into categories.

Label Everything

This becomes especially important when you have more than one person living in your home. Why? “You can’t argue with a label!” Cantlay said. “Most folks can’t open up the pantry after breakfast and put their cereal box away in the basket marked “Sauces and Seasonings”, because it just doesn’t sit right.” She also says not to assume you shouldn’t label something because it would be obvious — it may not be obvious to some.

Have a Donation Station on Every Floor of Your Home

Consider your belongings, do you have clothing you haven’t worn in more than a year? A table lamp you have no use for anymore? Put these items in a designated bag or basket and donate everything to charity when it gets full.

Avoid Unnecessary Junk Mail

Open your mail the moment you bring it into the house. Make a habit to open it right above the recycling bin, so you can toss the mail you don’t need, not even giving it a chance to land in your home.

What’s one thing you can do to start being more organized? Cantlay suggests picking one space versus trying to tackle an entire room. “Pick the pantry, instead of the entire kitchen. Or one drawer instead of the entire office. Or your shoes, instead of the entire closet,” she said. Once you purge the space you choose, then organize what remains.

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