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Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

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For many families, Thanksgiving traditions include busting out the holiday decorations while they shake off their food-coma. We want to make sure you're keeping your home safe and secure after it's decked out in lights.

Check out these 7 tips to keep in mind this holiday season!

Keep live trees away from heat sources.

Due to needles and sap, live trees are highly flammable.

Hydrate your tree.

A live tree that has dried out is far more likely to catch fire than one that's well hydrated.

Use unbreakable ornaments.

Kids and pets are the usual suspects. Keep everyone safe by placing fragile ornaments higher up and investing in a shatterproof set.

Double-check your lights.

Replace strands with frayed wires, broken sockets and loose connections.

Prevent electrical cord damage.

Don't mount lights in a way that may damage the cord. Instead of using nails or tacks, opt for hooks or insulated staples.

Be aware of high traffic areas.

Prevent tripping by placing cords and decorations in low-traffic areas where they won't be walked on.

Power down.

Use a timer or turn off lights before going to bed or when you're away from home.

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