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    The Real Nice Sales Force brings nearly 20 years of real estate experience to each transaction. We combine EXPERIENCE and PROVEN process to help NAVIGATE you through the maze of paperwork, title work, financials, home searching, and many times, unforeseeable obstacles, that come along the way.

  • negotiating

    We user proven, time-tested NEGOTIATING practices that ensure you get the best market price as a Buyer and... the Highest and Fastest Price if you are the Seller. Real Nice Agents are ABOVE average at making sure our clients are represented well, and best-case scenario benefits our clients-side during negotiations.

  • networking

    We understand real estate is LOCAL. A well-connected agent who can network on your behalf is paramount! Real Nice Agents are ingrained in our community for YOU! We believe being informed on local topics, school systems, and in-touch on current events is all to insure your investment is a solid one!

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    Of course.

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